Met hulp rijdt de historische Hondekop weer over drie jaar | Omroep Brabant

Er zijn extra handjes nodig om een blauwe Benelux-Hondekop met gele strepen over drie jaar terug op het spoor te krijgen. Het iconische treinstel vervoerde dertig jaar lang passagiers van Amsterdam naar Brussel. Het enige overgebleven exemplaar wordt gerestaureerd in Roosendaal. “Iedereen is welkom, zelfs mensen die willen schoonmaken.” Al het Brabantse nieuws volgen? Abonneer je dan op ons kanaal:

Welkom op het YouTube kanaal van Omroep Brabant! Hier vind je nieuwsvideo’s over alle actualiteiten in en rondom Noord-Brabant, misdaad, entertainment, sport en evenementen uit de provincie. Omroep Brabant is één van de grootste regionale omroepen van Nederland.

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19 Comments on “Met hulp rijdt de historische Hondekop weer over drie jaar | Omroep Brabant”

  1. Stomme idioten, niets geleerd van ons verhaal met Chrome 6 in Tilburg? Geen mondkapjes, geen handschoenen helemaal niets, goed bezig hoor! Wat zijn mensen toch achterlijk man

  2. The Dutch “royals” where involved SpiritCoocking ChildAbuses Tortutes since decates, in 1983 I had 13 compagnies one bigger then Randstad, that where because I where invited for the party by them, because I had a lot off money.
    When I was invited, I don’t now why but invited by an other rich person on an provide party that where in that time not strange, because at that time in these time, rich people invited others very often on their parties, I had many times, because I came as well an party off mayor Leiden in that time, a newyears party especial for “hight” people by government and where only as well ambassadors came.
    But this party where not as parties I had before, it where in Amsterdam around in the centra off Amsterdam, when I insite this house I don’t regonized an other person at that time, because I don’t even know how beatrix and salomonsons (lawer) look like, because I don’t watch television in that time, because off the espirience I had from babytime, with childabuses, so I cant look at television or listen radio, because then I have the change that images who came on television talkings bring me back with flashbacks.
    When I in the building after a while when their party begin, in fact the “especial” party for them, I shocked what I seen, after a while when I come out the time off flashbacks I go qiucky away, I first most come in real life that take some time, then I go to police police in Warmoesstraat Amsterdam because I want to make an rapport(declaration) witch I had seen the “illegal” but the police don’t take the rapport(declaration) so I drove to home off mine, in that time Leidschendam, velthuyzenlaan , try to go assleep, it where very difficult because what I seen as well the many espirience from torture and childabuses from baby time.
    Next day I go to police DenHaag, to try it again to do an rapport(declaration) from the criminal facts, but they don’t want to make the declaration, so I stop doing trying to do this rapport, at that time I known for sure that the police where corrupt in the Netherlands.
    After a while I seen in the other blocks in the streets, the sides where the the other numbers are( like 1-4-6 enz) a ford Scorpio with AA plates in the special collars they( the criminals “royals” has only, that car I seen and regonized from the place Amsterdam, that’s why I investigate it further, because one off mine compagnies where an privat investigation agency, so privat investigator, then with the outcome off that I became extra shocked, because the car where from the “royals”.
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    Now many times later when Inet where in the Netherlands come, I always write the expierience with the party witch I seen in Amsterdam, try that somebody by police or government want to further investigate it, but no one came and want to do this, later I understand why because the father from beatrix had the influence by Dutch government parliament and police, what he shown later in cases where the journalist and writer off books had investigates.
    Now these days since Epstein and Maxwell case off childabuses and their organisation 2019/2020 I open their case so now I publish everyday, I hope that Donald Trump take action witch he promise that he shall stoped the cabal, that he do what he said.
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